''We Will Never Forget''

”One Empty Seat” the POW-MIA National Chair of Honor Program

Joe D’Entremont, a locksmith from Boston and a member of Rolling Thunder®, Inc., is very committed to the POW/MIA issue and Rolling Thunder®, Inc.’s mission statement. After seeing a seat purposely left empty at the Bristol, TN race track for American service members who were POW/MIA, Joe was determined that Massachusetts would be the first state in the nation to have POW/MIA chairs in all their professional sports venues.
As a Marine Corps Vietnam combat veteran working as a professional photographer and speaking on behalf of over 91,000 “Still Missing” American Servicemen started planning on how to place “One Empty Seat” the POW-MIA National Chair of Honor in and around the Philadelphia area.
Patrick's argument is brief and to the point: “To all who see them, This Empty Chair will serve as an instant reminder of all the sacrifices made for 'Our Country' by these still missing American servicemen who have for too long been forgotten by all but their immediate families and some close friends”.